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Relatively recently, my job evolved; now I no longer have significant systems, network, or security administration responsibilities. I am returning to my scientific programming work.

As I now do not do any official work with routers, switches, or firewalls, I will no longer be following networking newsgroups such as this one as actively. I will not post as often, will not answer as many questions, and will be less likely to research questions. My access to CCO and PIXen will be limited.

My work email address will continue to reach me, but to emphasize [to myself at least ;-) ] that this is no longer part of my job, my posting email address has changed. If you wish to be certain that something will come to my attention, it is probably best to email me.

Regards, Walter Roberson work: snipped-for-privacy@ibd.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca work: NRC Institute for Biodiagnostics personal: snipped-for-privacy@hushmail.com

ps: I will likely create a domain and change my personal email address again at some point.

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Walter Roberson
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Well I for one will miss your frequent involvement with this newsgroup. Yours is one of the few names I'd read a posting of even when the subject didn't look interesting.

Don't be a stranger, visit often.

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Rod Dorman

I for one, and I'm sure the group as a whole will, miss your invaluable input into the group. I have gained a greater insight into the operation of the PIX through your accurate and informative posts. Thank you for your contributions, and I hope we'll still see postings from you.

Good luck, and have fun! (As someone else would say... :-)



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Matthew Melbourne

Hope that the evolution is a good thing for you :)

Your absence will be felt by many, thanks for all of the accurate information!

Wil my 3¢

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The best of luck.

We'll miss your invaluable input.


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Buck Rogers

Well good luck and thank you for sharing your knowledge through this group , your inputs were truly appreciated.

Michel Caissie

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Oh no! Thank you for years of support, Walter. We'll miss you.


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you know who maybe

Good luck with, and enjoy your new gig, Walter.

Your insight and input has been most valuable.



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John Agosta

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