Adding an ACL to an interface in ASDM

Hi all, having created an ACL in the ACL manager of ASDM 6.1, I can't see how you apply it to an interface and can't find anything on CISCO or Google. Of course I could just go into the CLI and type 'access- group _ACL_NAME_ in interface inside' but I want to know how you do it in the ASDM GUI.

Cheers Securitygeezer

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Have you considered adding it from the CLI and then looking in the GUI?

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Yes, I know I can do it that way. Before I used ASDM I used to do it on CLI and if you do it on the CLI it will then appear in ASDM. BUT, I just want to know how you tie the ACL to the interface in ASDM's GUI if possible. It's important becasue I am showing some lesser experienced people with no CLI experience how to set up the lists on a bunch of ASAs.

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