Pix 515 E - ASDM errors

Hi, when I add or delete a rule at 1 specific interface in ASDM and apply changes my Pix' cpu raises up to 100% immediately and no communication is possible through it - I lose all connectivity. After about 1 minute the cpu cools down to somewhere between 20 and 50 % and communications can start again. When I do changes on another interface - everything ok. If I do the same changes on the problematic interface on the cli everything is fine. I use currently Pix and ASDM 5.0.1. I already used 7.0.1, and Nothing better. Anybody seen this or have an explanation for it? Thx
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Steffen M. Steck
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That sounds as if the PIX is busy "compiling" the ACLs.

But if so then the CLI would, I think, compile the ACLs as well.

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Walter Roberson

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