ACS - PEAP authentication twice not working?

Does anyone else have this problem? I use ACS 3.3 and have a Verisign certificate to authenticate PEAP sessions through my Aironet 1200's to Windows XP users. All users have no problems authenticating the

*first* time Windows is booted up. Wireless works fine, authenticates via Radius to ACS, etc. However, the second time they need to authenticate, for instance - disabling the wireless adapter and re-enabling it - never works. The status gets stuck (in Windows) at saying "Attempting to Authenticate".

Does anyone else have any problems with PEAP, Aironets and ACS?


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another followup question.

We were having a wierd problem with our CISCO APs with IBM T42 with

Intel centrino cards. When we boot up, lots of times our laptops

would hang and not get an IP address.

We found a parameter on the CISCO access points that seems to fix

our problem. It is a dot11 holdoff-time 1. When this is set to 600

(which seems to be the default). The clients hang and hang and hang.

CISCO TAC says this shouldn't affect anything if the client is acting

normally, but when this value is high authentication just doesn't

work. when we change this to 1 or 2 seconds, it works just fine.

CISCO doesn't want to even look into the problem saying that this is

a client issue. So we tried this with a G-linksys PC card. Same


So to make a long story short, we just changed all the APs so the

value is 1 (second) and have not pushed the issue any further.

This value doesn't seem to have any affect on a CISCO pc card or

mini pc built in, but every other vendors card doesn't work!


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