Error with ACS 3.x & PEAP-MsCHAPv2


I've got a lot of error with my ACS servers. We have 4 ACS servers on windows 2000 server or windows 2003 server and ACS 3.2 & ACS 3.3 (we are currently upgrading 3.2 to 3.3).

Clients are using laptop with XP SP1 or SP2 with PEAP-MsCHAPv2. ACS servers are in the right domain and authenticate the clients with the Active Directory.

We have a lot of error messages we cannot explain :

"NAS duplicated authentication attempt" & "Bad request from NAS,,,,Invalid message authenticator in EAP request"

The laptops are "serialized" (same OS, just applciations that change) with the right MS patchs (I hope) and we have trouble with some laptops but others work without any problem. We have the same Wireless configuration (WPA/TKIP + client certificate), same driver, same ACS, same AP configuration...

I am lost & do not know how to resolve it.

Could you please help me ?? :)

Thanks !!

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