Cisco models and supported modules


I believe Cisco's website has some section where it lists supported modules for each platform.

I cant seem to find this page now... Does anyone know where it is located or what I am talking about? Can someone provide a link?

Also, I wonder if this link (if it exists) would contain end of life / end of sale products.

I am specifically looking for information on the modules supported on the 2600 & 3640 platform. Can someone help me with this information or provide links where this information can be obtained?

Thank you! cciestudy

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That would just be too immense a job to maintain.

They have data sheets/manuals for each product line stating most of this information. Unfortunatly, I wouldn't say its 100% complete, but its 90%-95% of the way there.

You have to poke around for each product line, and hope that for the older EOL stuff that its not all been removed/moved somewhere you'll never find it again. :(

The manuals would state current products for when they were written. There may be some docs older than what you are looking for, or maybe something came out later than the master doc. Its just too huge an area to document reliably.

Start with the tech docs for each.

They are both EOL'd, but you should be able to find some stuff.. Wow, looks like somebody has taken some pains to make it useful lately.. -> Relevant Interfaces and Modules -> Relevant Interfaces and Modules

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