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Hello Friends,

i have 4006 series switch and this switch have fastethernet ports which are connected to 2950 swiches. i hvae some static ip through i am accessing internet , so i want ristirct these ip for some time means from 6 PM to 6 AM. plz tell me solution.

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Perhaps a time-based access-list would work if supported on 4006 IOS version you are using.

! MUST have accurate time ntp server x.x.x.x ! public stratum 2 or 3 NTP server

time-range INTERNET_ALLOWED periodic daily 06:00 to 18:00

no ip access-list extended INTERNET_ACCESS_ALLOWED ip access-list extended INTERNET_ACCESS_ALLOWED remark Control Internet access based on time of day permit udp any any eq ntp permit ip any any time-range INTERNET_ALLOWED

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Hi friend,

Thanks for giving rply plz tell me detail of this senario by giving one scenario.


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