1720 w/ 2 LANs?

Is is possible to add another LAN interface to a 1720 router? Mine currently has a single built-in LAN port and a serial WAN interface, but I don't use it as a WAN device and would like to convert it an ethernet router with two LAN interfaces.

Thanks, Peter

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I believe you could install a WIC-1ENET which would give you a 10Mb Ethernet interface, but IIRC the throughput limits of the WIC slots are around 4Mb/s so the performance will be stinky.

You'd also probably be cheaper buying a 2514, 1605, 831 or even a 1721 second hand than getting a WIC-1ENET and would probably get better performance out of all but the 1605.


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Paul S. Brown

The WIC-1ENET will work because I only need T1 speeds, so it'll be sufficient. Thanks for the tip. I actually called Cisco about this an they said there was no interface that can be added to this router that would accomplish this, what a crock.

Thanks, Peter.

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Yes, I have a WIC-4ESW in my 1721 and recently discovered this unit is limited to only 10 Mbps between the interfaces for routing purposes. As oppose to what some people have said here, you can get a full 10 Mbps at about 40% CPU utilization as I do it all the time. My interfaces are

100 FULL but there is a hard limit by the CPU to route at a max. of 10 Mbps. As you mentioned, you plan on only doing T1 so you shouldn't have any issues with that.
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