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No, I don't think they are since it's the same in the fifth edition of the book. I think the explanation is that Lammle is going to use that particular lab configuration over and over again in the book, so he wants you to set it up correctly since the beginning.

Those port connections are trunk lines between the switches. They are used to exchange vlan information. They are not used in the example you cited but Lammle is going to use them in the last lab before the summary in chapter 8 entitled "Configuring Switching in Our Sample Internetwork".


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Hello all,

I'm working through the Sybex CCNA (Tod Lammle) book and I've just finished reading chapter 5, and I'm about to go through it again and implement the lab.

The lab has three routers, Lab_A, Lab_B and Lab C. Lab_A, Lab_B and Lab_C are connected to each other via a serial link. Lab_A has one host connected via a 1900 switch. Lab_B and Lab_C both have two hosts connected via a 2950 switch.

All that's fine by me, but on the diagram there are also two connections between F0/4 and F0/5 on the 2950 on Lab_B and the same ports on the

2950 on Lab_C.

These connections are not explained in the chapter. Are they a misprint? I guess the only thing they would be used for would be to prove that even though the two switches are directly connnected, the communication between the two networks still goes through the routers?

If it makes any difference, it's the fourth edition of the book.

Thanks in advance for any light that can be shed on this,

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Mr Roflcopter

Now it all makes sense! Thank you very much!

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