Practicing for the CCIE Lab

I had a couple of questions I wanted to ask some of you who have been through the actual lab. I want to practice as close to reality as possible. I've just recently passed the written and have started working on the first of several practice lab scenarios I have.

My first question has to do with access to the equipment. I use a PC to telnet to my 2511. I'm currently using TeraTerm as my telnet client. What I end up doing is telnetting to the 2511 and then reverse telnetting to one of the routers. So if my practice scenario involves 5 routers, I end up with 5 different TeraTerm windows open, one for each router. It makes it very easy to switch between routers and to copy and paste code, if I need to. Is this something that will be possible on the real lab or would I need to be switching between router consoles from reverse telnet sessions through one window? Hopefully that makes sense. Again, I just want to practice as close to the real experience as possible.

Also, in regard to accessing the Cisco Documentation. Will I be actually using a CD or will I be accessing the documentation web site? I have been practicing with the web site lately but wondered if I needed to be rounding up a CD.

If it makes any difference, I will be taking the lab at RTP. Hopefully neither of these questions are going to be a violation of the NDA. If so, then please don't answer. I've come way to far to get myself or somebody else on Cisco's bad side.

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I would definately take the time to learn the layout of the physical CD rather than the website. I had to resort to the CD numerous times to check things or even help me understand what I was being asked to do.

Regarding your other question, I had multiple simultanious telnet sessions open, but did very little cutting and pasting. ymmv.

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