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Posting this as an addendum to my post on 27 February. Thought maybe I put too much info in that post and noone wanted to read that much, :-( In any case, quick and easy. Cisco 1900 series switches (1912, 1924, etc.) running 12.2 Enterprise. Are these pretty much useless for the current CCNA exam? Are there enough questions on the exam concerning functionality the 1900 series switches don't support (i.e. 802.1q trunks) on the exam? If this is the case, what does everyone recommend that doesn't cost an arm and a leg like the 3550's? Will any 2900 series switch work or does it take a 2950 or better to support functionality such as 802.1q trunks? Thanks in advance... Regards, Chris

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3550 with the EMI image rocks and it can be used all the way up to CCIE level, but u looking to pay around $1200-$2000 on ebay. u need to ask yourself if after CCNA where will u go? if u choose to continue your cisco studies 3550 is the way to go, but for CCNA and u dont want to spend much money, online lab rental.
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has cheap lab rentals. for ccna i got myself a 2912XL about 5yrs ago on ebay.
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