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hello to everybody can anybody supply me with a datasheet i want datasheets of scisco switch 2950t and 3550 i have meet cisco website but datasheets are very genneral.i don't have any experience and this is my first try for working with switches. please help me.

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I've seen this as your 2nd post..

Are you having trouble finding the specific data sheets because both of these models are EOL'd boxes?

Ie. the datasheets are here

formatting link

The datasheets are typical for these sorts of products. Go to HP or Foundry or whoever else, and you'd get about the same stuff in them. Listing mostly the various features and standards they support.

If not, finding them, what exactly are your questions?

Are cisco switches magical? Doing everything for you? Do you get a zillion more throughput because they cost more? NO, they a pretty typical feature set that happen to include just about every feature known. But that makes it harder for you, because then you have to learn what all those features do if you want to use them, rather than just settle for a tiny sub-set like you'd get in a Dlink product or the like.

The cost relates more to that they are built to stay up for years at a time without being touched.

Out of the box, with no learning about what they can do make them pretty much boring ethernet switches. But to really learn them, you'll have to study the documentation on setting them up, comparing features listed in the docs for various models. Once you understand how to configure things via the docs, you'll have a better idea of what makes the 3550 different than the 2950.

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