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I'm looking to add a couple or 3 more books to my CCIE library. I've got pretty much all the heavy hitters....Doyle I&II, Solie I&II, Halabi, and LAN Switching by Clark & Hamilton. I just recently took the 350-001 2.0 exam and failed by 14. Knowing I've got some additional work to do, I figured I needed some additonal resources. I don't want to go wild buying books, but after taking another look at the Cisco book list for CCIE, I came up with this additional titles:

Cisco BGP-4 Command and Configuration Handbook (Parkhurst, ISBN#

158705017X) Cisco Catalyst QoS: Quality of Service in Campus Networks (Flannagan, Froom, Turek: Cisco Press) Troubleshooting IP Routing Protocols (CCIE Professional Development Series) (Aziz, Liu, Martey, Shamim, ISBN# 1587050196) Troubleshooting Remote Access Networks (CCIE Professional Development) (Nedeltchev, ISBN# 1587050765)

And not on the Cisco list but one I have been looking at:

IP Telephone Self Study Cisco QOS Exam Certification Guide (Exam 642-642) Wendell Odom, Michael Cavanaugh Cisco Press, Hardcover, 2nd Bk&CD edition, Published November 2004, 730 pages, ISBN 1587201240

I was wanting to get the opinion of some of you more experience folks about the usefulness of these titles, or whether some further digging in what I've got might prove to be OK.

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CiscoKid wrote: [snip]

Good book to have in the field if you want to look up a command. It is not meant to be a book that teaches how BGP works. There are examples in there that are helpful, but it's more of "what was that command again....' type of a book. I'd recommend it in general.

Good book if you need to troubleshoot routing protocols. It's not as exhaustive as I would have liked, but has good flow charts to help break down the problem.

No idea about the other books.

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Hansang Bae

I also failed the 350-001 first time around and so I went back and read most of the URLs recommended by Cisco under the the 350-001 Online Study Resources. I was then able to pass the exam. I found quite a bit of the more obscure info that was ONLY in the URLs and not in any CiscoPress books did in fact feature on the exam. I hope this helps - Good Luck !

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Did you pass 350-001 before or after 19-January?

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