pathping cisco ios command?

dear greater cisco intellect,

i'm still goin' throug 640-821 practice exams.

came across a puzzling question however.

the question states what command is to be used to test network connectivity of other routers in the network.

the correct answer(s) are: ping and pathping

is pathping a valid cisco ios command? after lookin' up all the help command in my cisco 2511 (in user exec, priv. exec and global exec mode), i did not see a pathping command listed. upon trying:

path? or path ? under any of the exec. modes, i get % unrecognized command.

i know pathping is a valid windows DOS command...but does it exist in the cisco ios?

any thoughts, suggestions? thanks, in advance.


mgodinez seattle, wa


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Type "pathping" in DOS and see what you get. It is a real command on Windows.

Pathping is the same as traceroute (trace/tracert). The only difference is that instead of sending 3 ICMP packets per TTL hop like traceroute does, pathping only sends 1. So it runs faster than traceroute, but does not yield as detailed a result.

Ping, traceroute, pathping would all be correct answers.

Steve Griffin

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hello steve,

thanks so much for your response.

i see that 'pathping' is a valid dos command in windows. but does it work on the cisco ios (ver 12.0)?

thanks, again.


mgodinez seattle, wa


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