OSPF config question


Quick question on OSPF configuration.

Cisco 2600 series Router1: f0/0: s0/0:

Commands Router1(config)#:router ospf 1 Router(config-router)#:

I know I can type either 'network area 0' or 'network area 0' (or even 'network area 0') and it will still work. But, is one better to use than another for exam purpose (am taking CCNA soon).

Thanks in advance

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Network area 0 saying you know\\32

Network area 0 saying you know\\32

Network area 0 would say u know the\\24

so i say the last one

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Chris O'Shea

The network statement in OSPF defines the interfaces by IP which will participate in OSPF. This can be specified by the induvidual IP address (line 2), or by any other network/subnet which includes the interface address, (network is all interfaces).

Therefore lines 2 or 3 can be used and are correct; line 1 is incorrect.


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Buzz Lightbeer

Thanks guys.

Glad I got that little confusion cleared up...took my CCNA today and it had an OSPF simulation, so lucky I checked.

Anyway, passed with around 930, so am pretty chuffed. :)


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