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Had a OSPF sim with 3 routers in 3 cities, the new router had no OSPF routes. Check showed 2 networks in ospf but one was in area 1 not 0 so changed this as they all should of been in 0. I could Ping across the wan link okay.

I was running out of time and didn't fix it anyone had this, what else are they looking for ??


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Jack Jumpin
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This is *EXACTLY* the sort of thing which your acceptance of the nondisclosure agreement requires you to keep confidential. Somebody had to go to a lot of work to create that problem and design it into the test. By sharing the specific details with all & sundry, the value of that question to Cisco in evaluating applicants' skills is now nil. There's a big difference between offering helpful guidance and just handing out the answer.

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Mike Dorn

I just took the test myself (recertification) and got the same question.

There are 3 errors on the same line: Number one, the Area 1 should have been area 0. Number two/three, the subnet and subnet mask listed in the ospf command is incorrect. They had it as: network X.X.X.0 area 1 when it should have been network X.X.X.8 area 0

Remember the serial IP was X.X.X.9/30.

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your right. I was looking at this more as a teaching example than a test question. I'm accustomed to mentoring other people and explaining things to death.

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