Not being able to input through Hyperterminal

I have just set up my home lab and tried to connect to the Routers and Switches via the Console cable via Hyperterminal. I switched on the devices and I was able to get some output. Unfortunatly I was not able to type any input.

So I searched and searched and searched on the internet and I could not find any information. I tested the cable via a cable tester and it was fine. The ethernet cable connected into a terminal serial adapter.

I gave up on trying and bought a Cisco certified cable that was the ethernet hard wired into the serial connecter.

Lo and Behold!!! It worked! I just wanted to share that with everyone so they dont have to suffer as much as I did finding the answer to the problem.

If anyone needs help setting up a home lab, please ask me. It took me ages and ages to finally figure everything out, but thankfully I am on my feet now. I would be glad to guide others from the silly mistakes i did.

Cheers guys.

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Hashem Ouaida
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The termination of the cable is not actually "Ethernet" - a Cisco console cable is a "rollover" type, ie, all wires are transposed from one end to the other. viz. Pin1 - Pin 8 Pin 2 - Pin 7 Pin 3 - Pin 6 Pin 4 - Pin 5 Pin 5 - Pin 4 Pin 6 - Pin 3 Pin 7 - Pin 2 Pin 8 - Pin 1

(Note : This is not a Ethernet crossover cable either.)

Glad to see you managed to get your home lab working in the end - it's all a learning experience.


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Aubrey Adams

The only Cisco device which uses an actual ethernet cable for connecting a computer serial port to a Cisco console port is a Catalyst 5000 or 5500 switch. There are also ASA devices with an ethernet management port, but they also have the same console port as other Cisco devices.

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