Newb question about CCNP and CCIE

Hi, Lets suppose I need to get one of these certifications relatively quick and I have only basic user knowledge of computers. If you took a class and studied how long would it take a person to get one of these certifications? Which one is easier? Are there a bunch of precursor certifications I'd need to get first? Thanks.

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If the Matrix were real and you could upload all the CCIE information into your brain in a few seconds........shure, you could pass the CCIE no prob. Other than that, you will want to get an entry level networking position, 7 years experience, CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, CCDP certs, etc before you take the CCIE.

Go to Cisco's web site and do some research > Hi,

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The odds of passing a ccie without exetensive experience and lab time is probably 1 in a billion. Buy a lotto ticket. People do pass np/dp without experience but again it is not easy and useless. These certs are really only useful if you you have some good experience. Start off slow and work your way up.

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"The odds of passing a ccie without exetensive experience and lab time is probably 1 in a billion. Buy a lotto ticket"

Um.....that is 1 in 2 billion! Seriuosly, you have no chance in hell of passing a ccie with a "basic knowledge of computers". I don't even think you could cheat your way through it. Most ccie candidates faile the lab portion on their first attempt. These are people with years of experience. As for ccnp, you could possibly take a bootcamp and get the cert, but as jw stated, it would worthless.

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Ok its the CCNP certification I need, not the CCIE, so i'll take bootcamps to get the ccNA, then do the same for the CCNP.

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I was under the impression it's fairly easy to just study the CCNA books on your own and take the test and past from ppl I've talked too, providing of course your fluent with computers. (Some linux exp, programming interest, networking and such) But curious to see what ppl think. Personally I'm gonna just do it that way so if I fail the test I'll let you know!

Cheers, Karl

P.S. I guess the CCNP is a different kettle of fish

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