Passed the CCNP -- Thanks! And one tough question:

Thanks to those folks here who took the time to answer my questions. All the hard work has finally paid off with a CCNP. Hopefully it's enough to get a job out in Goleta, we'll see.

Took the 642-891, because I love a challenge.

Here's one that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me:

Using CIDR, what supernet can summarize the Public Class B range?

(Yes, it did say "the")

A) /8 B) /12 C) /16 D) /24

Well, B seems like it has to be the answer as I was looking for /2. I'm guessing they meant "a class B range," not "the Class B range," which isn't something you'd ever want to summarize. Their mistake or mine?

Cheers, Owen

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Owen Roth
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Congratulations on passing CCNP!

My first inclination was that the correct answer should be /2 to cover the first PUBLIC portion of the class B range.

But /12 could be used to create a CIDR summarization for the PRIVATE class B range and that may have been what was intended (did they mean PRIVATE instead of PUBLIC?). Or, extrapolating much further, if used in a "deny" statement with a "permit any" following, /12 could be used to exclude just the PRIVATE range from B range leaving only the PUBLIC portions. That seems like quite a stretch though.

FWIW, Robert

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Bob by the Bay

Sometimes I think the question is presented with an intentional inaccuracy to see if we can still come up with the "best" answer. It's interesting that the permutations that we thought of arrived at the same answer, even though we might assume there was a typo in the available answers.

So while /2 represents the entire B class, it could also be used to summarize for the PUBLIC range(s) of class B in the context of PRIVATE addresses not being routed in the inter-domain routing.

I'm still pondering this one and probably over-thinking it.


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Bob by the Bay

Well done Owen.

I wonder if you could describe what you did to study for the routing module? I'm finding it pretty tough going!

Congratulations again, I wish I was in your shoes!!!


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