Fiber Optic light source

With multimode fiber optic network, what's the light source? Laser or LED?

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Every application I've seen uses high power LED's and photoreceptors at the far end.

Lasers (even higher power than LED's) are used on single mode fiber.


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John P. Dearing

I believe it is Laser with multimode fiber "dandelion" schreef in bericht news:

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Laser for both MM and SM surely?

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big si

Because this is a networking forum Im going to assume that the application your speaking of is digital data transmission (ie ethernet), so in that context the answer is "both"

LEDs and LASER LEDs are kissing cousins and are both used to drive fiberoptic transmission systems. In general terms "regular" LEDs are typically used in multimode, low bandwidth, low distance systems. In contrast, LASER LEDs are more often (but not always) used in single-mode, high bandwidth, long reach applications.


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Dick Dastardly

Dick Dastardly is correct.

1550nm Single mode is driven with a laser. Multi-Mode can be driven with either, depending on temperature... 850nm MM is driven with an LED. 1300nm MM is driven with a laser can someone confirm?
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Curt Corwin

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Not bad.

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