Looking for fiber optic patch cord

I am looking for a fiber optic patch cord for VIS-NIR spectroscopy.

1000um core, with SMA connectors. Edmund Optics is 4 weeks backordered, though they have the raw cable in stock. So, I need to find either:

Someone who stocks a 1000um fiber optic patch cord with SMA connectors


Some way of putting SMA connectors on the raw cable.

How hard is it to put SMA connectors on fiber optic cable? Where can I get the connector kits?

For that matter, is there any easy way of connecting the SMA connector to something that I can clamp into place so that I can focus light on the end of the fiber?

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Paul Ciszek
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In the grand tradition of Usenet, I will respond without actually knowing the answer to your question. You could try these:

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The "bare fiber terminator" attaches to a fiber (logically enough) on one side and a connector on the other. I bought some but haven't test-driven them yet. Good luck.

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Alison Chaiken

Try Fiber Instrument Sales for the patch cords. They usually have lots of stuff in stock.

Putting on connectors isn't hard. It is tedious and a bit of an art form. The termination kits are available from Thor Labs. It will take a day to two days to do a good job.

I have used the bare fiber terminators and they work okay in a pinch but I don't recommend them for anything accurate.

You can also buy an SMA bulkhead adapter that you can attach to an object of your choice or you can get fancy (and expensive) and get a fiber launching assembly from Newport Optics.

Edmunds is more of a free space company. For fiber gizmos use the following resources: New Focus Thor Labs Fiber Instrument Sales Newport Optics

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