Question about led fiber light source

I have a fiberstars pool light that is broken. I was looking at different light sources for the fiber and came across this 72 led color changing light at

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The fiber I have, and I'm guessing here, is about 1/2 in diameter and probably about 75 or so strands. It's currently in a proprietary connector for the fiberstars setup.

I have a single led keychain and I can see it at the pool end of the fiber when I shine it in the other end.

Would the 72 led color changing lamp from the above site be a decent light souce? The led setup is 3 inches diameter, what would be the best way to focus or connect this to my 1/2 cable without losing too much effectiveness of the leds?



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Unfortunately, there is no nice simple way. About the best

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Ian Stirling

The consensus from most of the 10,000 people who read your post is: "Try it and see how it looks, and then tell all of us about your experiment"

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Jeff Engel

Fiberstars uses a clever bit of optics to match their light source to the fiber with minimal losses, so it's unlikely that you'll be able to do as well with the LEDs. Plus the LEDs have far fewer lumens, so your pool is going to have less light -- probably much less.

Matching the output of the LEDs to the fiber is critical.

Terry McGowan

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