cisco 806

I'm trying to setup my cisco 806 at a router for a couple systems, all I'd like is to be able to route the internet through the 806 to the systems, using NAT, DHCP..etc...more or less i'd like the same setup as any Dlink or LinkSys router a guy can buy from the local computer shop, now I don't have too much experience with IOS but a little and so far i've been able to setup the WAN(e1) to get an IP from the ISP via DHCP.....and i've been able to setup E0(4 ports) to DHCP IP's to the computers, however the problem i'm having is now being able to get onto the internet on the computers, I cna't resolve any DNS nor ping out. I'm sure this is something simple to some of you, but like I said i'm fairly new to Cisco so bare with me. Does this sound like a bridging issue? if so are there any documents you can send me to to make some adjustments, or please feel free to reply a fix to this, thanks for your time.

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