At home, I currently use a D-Link DU-128TA+ to connect a single PC to the WWW via a 64k ISDN (yes we live out in the wilds, miles from an ADSL served area). My kids want their PCs to share ISDN link provided by my office. So I bought a CISCO 801 ISDN router over eBay for £30 and set out to share the link. The 801 came with power supply and orange ISDN cable and Ethernet Cable plus a blue 'console' cable, but no CD. Will I be able to use this kit by downloading any software from the WWW? I presumed that I would be able to browse the Router over a TCP/IP connection (with more modern equipment, I have found it relatively easy to set up routers with Cable or ADSL modems). I can't find out how to get into any Cisco settings pages. If you can give me any advice I would be very grateful.

Happy New Year,


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John Biggs
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Hi Jon,

Congratulations on your Cisco purchase. However, unfortunately although the 801 can support a HTTP management gui.

It's of no use unless you have knowledge of the basic configuration requireents of a Cisco router. It is nothing like your D-Lin or another router of that ilk. If that was your requirement you should have probably looked at the 837 or similar range.

I'm certain, that any or many people on the forum would write a base config for you. Again, However...! are the kids going to dial your work isdn..? will your work mind..? dialling this number may place them directly on your works LAN. Will they dial up to a pay as you go number (ADSL is alot cheaper)..?

You would still need to provide a large amount of info (That would be a big security risk to u..) to enable anyone doing this for you.

My advice, accept that you've paid money for a box you probably cant make any use for accept for placing it back on ebay. review your existing and potential connections work or personal..



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John Biggs

Hi Jon,

I saw your post and thought I would offer my assistance to help you get your Cisco 801 working. Unfortunately it doesn't have a GUI interface which you can use via your browser, but I can explain how to connect to it and can probably get you up and running with a sample configuration.

Give me a shout back if you still want assistance.


Dom Wilkinson Cisco CCNA, CCDA, CCNP

ps As the 801 only has one Ethernet interface, you're going to need a small Ethernet hub or switch if you want to share the ISDN with 2 computers.

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