What is the average salary for CCNA with little experience

Hello All,

I've been in the IT field professionally 6 years. I have a few certs (A+, Network+, MCP (2K Pro). I have recently obtained my CCNA certification. I currently work as a Level 2 tech for a fortune 500 company doing desktop, laptop, and basic network support, officially. The network person (Level 3)has recently left the company and I have unofficially doing a little of the Level III work such as provisioning network drops that connect to the access & distribution layer switches (4503 Catalyst) switches--some run CatOS and some IOS. Basically add/moves/changes between the various vlans in our campus.

I currently work as a contractor and was told that I would be hired as direct soon and I would like to get some idea what I should ask for during negotiations as a Cisco certified professional with little experience. Right now, I am making $34K and am contemplating asking for $40K in lieu of the fact that I am now Cisco certified.

Is this reasonable? I would say that this more than reasonable. Any helpful feedback would be much appreciated.



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Where are you?

Salaries depend a lot on which City/State/Country you are in.

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