Choosing a lab router?

Hi all,

I'm about to start studying for the CCNA Wireless exam (640-721), can anyone recommend a good Cisco wireless router? I was thinking along the lines of the 851W?

TIA, Jason

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I am not familiar with the exam however, I would be concerned that you might be better off with an Access Point. This will very likely cost more.

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Thanks for the advice. Not sure whether an access point is worth a purchase as I've only scimmed through the sylabus, I think a wireless router would be pretty much essential though as there is a lot of config which has to be done through IOS.

My non-wireless Cisco 837 router seems to have stopped working so I'm using an old 3Com for the time being but I'd really like to get a decent Cisco SoHo router which I can use for the exam & future studies. I've still got all my old 2600 & 2500 routers & a couple of 2950 switches from my CCNA ICND studies.

If anyone has taken the CCNA Wireless exam & can make a recommendation I'd really appreciate it?

Thanks, Jason

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