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I noticed states that they no longer are testing IS-IS and ISDN in the routing and switching lab. I also don't see it here

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This looks like they aren't testing for IS-IS or ISDN on the written, can someone confirm?


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I can't confirm, but while browsing the internet last night I saw that ISDN simulators were flooding the market because they were no longer being used for testing in CCIE.

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Hi, I passed it few days ago :-)

The first step for CCIE is : READ THE BLUEPRINT

Cisco will ask you EVERYTHING that is written in blueprint and nothing else.


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Giovanni Perteghella

Technically, if you read the page:

"The topic areas listed are general guidelines for the type of content that is likely to appear on the exam. Please note, however, that other relevant or related topic areas may also appear."

ie they reserve the right to ask things outside the blueprint, which is why you find technicall out-of-date questions turning up in exams. However, they won't be hammering IS-IS and ISDN. Don't freak out at Cisco if you get the odd question though.

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