Questions about CCIE R&S Lab test

I've got some question for those of you who have taken the CCIE Routing and Switching lab test RECENTLY (since version 3 came out). These are in no particular order:

Is ISDN knowlege tested? If so, what/how is ISDN emulated in the lab? Any in particular to what out for?

Is there any dial-up or dial-on-demand routing to work with at all?

Do Cisco IP phones have to be configured on routers?

Is there any IS-IS?

Related to MPLS, do you have to work with the provider side of MPLS, or just the customer side?


Any DMVPN? How about tunneling in general?

Are you allowed to configure anything on the routers/switches using the approriate web interfaces, or is everything command-line only?

How heavy is the IPv6 component?

Do you have to configure a router as a frame-relay switch, or is a switch already in place? If there's a FR switch in place (and assuming it isn't just a Cisco router), is it already configured?

Any ATM? Are ATM interfaces just crossed-over, or is there an ATM switch in place? Any LS1010 configuration to perform?

Are cables and cross-over cables already made, or do you have to make any cables?

Are serial ports WIC-1/WIC-2 with intergrated CSU/DSU, or do you have to work with external CSU/DSUs?

I know that's a lot of widely unrelated questions. I'm quite comfortable with the major parts I'm sure I'll see on the test (OSPF, BGP, EIGRP, frame), but don't want to get tripped up on some of the less widely used technologies. Thanks for any input.

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John Agosta

I've already looked. Cisco's web site information is fairly general, and I'm looking for specifics.

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You might want to consider -

"new v4.0 standards on the Cisco Learning Network. Exams based on the new requirements are scheduled for release on October 18, 2009 and will immediately replace the current exams."

But you knew that already.

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Yep, that's why I'm trying to take the test before then.

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Based on you lack of knowledge on the current blurprint, you won't be ready. I know that sounds harsh, but welcome to the world of the budding CCIE.

The blueprint is at

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You may notice that things like DLSW are not mentioned. nor is ISDN or dial on demand. ISIS, MPLS, IP Phones are not listed either.

You look to be at the very early stages of preparation with little exposure to fellow candidates. many of your questions get answered among study groups - asking someone here to breach the NDA publically is unlikely to get you much help, and maybe the odd person being mischievous telling you you need to make up your own X21 cables, and the don't give you any flux to solder with.

My advice? Find a study group and start working towards the V4 exam - you may well struggle to get a labe date now if you don't already have one as everyone else will be trying to get in before the changes.

If you are *genuinely* ready, you will already ave the mindset that will get you through, and getting the bones of the new subjects should not be tremendously challenging.

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