C837 PPP Bridge ?


I've a C837 and want to try using it on my adsl connexion.

I successfully get it working in PPPoE and PPPoA, but in router mode. I also get it working in bridge mode. But I d'id'nt managed to get it work in PPP Bridge like my adsl box.

Ho my box work :

- The box initiates adsl link (VCI 8/35, VCMux)

- The box negotiates PPP link with chap authentication

- The box then turn into a bridge (my firewall behind the box get the IP link).

How would you set it on a 8x7 ? I have a 12.3(11)-YZ2 IOS. (c837-k9o3sy6-mz.123-11.YZ2.bin)

Please CLI use, I wiped out html from flash ;-)

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