Hi All

I am shortly about to embark on by BCMSN and am hoping to take the exam before the current one retires!

I've used 2950's in the past, at work, but wanted a little home lab to test stuff on.

Would there be any point in purchasing a 35xx series switch over a 2950 one? The OS is the same, but is there anything else that would majorly hinder my understanding?

I have a 5000 series switch at home already.

Thanks in advance.

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Goh Kian Seng


Is there any difference between using a 2950 Enterprise edition or 2924 with Enterprise?

Goh Kian Seng wrote:

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the 3500XL and the 2900XL series are about the same as far as IOS features. and neither allows intervlan routing (using logical vlan interfaces). if its a 3550, thats a different story - they do allow inter vlan routing and are more appropriate for BCMSN

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john smith

The 2924 cannot do some of the features the 2950 can, like 802.1X vlan filtering and some other stuff...

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