back-to-back cisco to non-cisco cables

I have a non-cisco router with a "normal" V.35 cable, and would like to work it into an OSPF, BGP or IS-IS network with my cisco routers. I have another non-cisco router for which I have seen V.35 cables being sold, and have my eye on a third.

Two questions:

  1. Can I just connect a cable that is "DB-60/DCE to V.35-female/DTE" (if are they available ready-made at a reasonable cost) to another cable that is "V.35-male/DCE to (anything)/DTE" and get an equivalent back-to-back cable?

  1. I have a modular board from a DSU that connects two V.35 female jacks to what appears to be a VM backplain female connector. I could get some appropriate sized wires and jumper the two V.35 connectors together however I wanted. Has anybody ever done that to create a "virtual telco" in order to connect two routers? I would probably have to inject my own clock signal, right? What voltage, duty cycle, etc would I need? Or could I finally find a use for my cisco 3000 by just taking a clock from from the DB-50 serial connector there?

I do have an entry level oscilliscope multi meters, and other electronic equipment, I was into electronics before home computers were available.

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