RG6 Quad clips

Under downstream signal the channel power is currently -0.5dBmV, the SNR is 34.565.

Before the cable upgrade it used to run -8 to -10 for downstream dBmV.

Under upstream signal the channel power is 38.5dBmV

The cable attaches to the house, runs approximately 70' to the garage, then I have the first splitter - one leg for the cable modem and one for the tv signals. The first splitter is a Channel Vision HS-2 and it's about 20 feet from that splitter to the cable modem. All the coax is RG6 CommScope Quad Shiled with purple T&B Snap-n-Seal ends.

Input from the cable company hookup on the corner of the house to the first splitter is about 70 feet.

short - I'm using a metal coupler for that, from that splitter to: Drop 1 (upstairs living room) is about 10 feet (the coax comes in and down the garage wall and the living room is on the other side of the wall). Drop 2 (downstairs family room) is about 25 feet. Drop 3 (downstairs bedroom) is about 10 feet. Drop 4 (upstairs master bedroom) is about 35 feet. Drop 5 (upstairs spare bedroom) is about 25 feet. Drop 6 (upstairs bedroom) is about 30 feet. (output of tap is terminated)

These are approximate. I actually measured everything a while back but I've misplaced the paper right now.

Yep, I got that - makes perfect sense too!

A little later today I'm going to play a little - maybe try some attenuators on the output of the amp (I dug up a 10 and a 3, 13 overall should allow me to turn the gain back up about 3/4 way), maybe try hooking to the test port (btw, that test port and the input test port are unterminated right now, should they be terminated?). I also have a motorola 15db amp I may try in place of the Channel Vision one.

Thanks Ed, Take Care,


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Yep, I got that. It says that if you saturate the amp that you get a herringbone pattern and to turn it down till that goes away. We don't get that pattern, it just goes to snow when it's turned all the way up, turn it down and the picture snaps right in for all the sets on the line.

I just wanted to know basically what to start with but couldn't find a cheap/easy way to figure that out. I was kinda hoping the cable modem reading was ball park enough.

Yeah, I've read that - it seems they are actually happiest around

0dBmV, which is right where mine is running now (and running MUCH better I might add!).

Actually it's working just fine in my house too!

I appreciate that homebrew approach Glen, but I don't have time to do the things I want to, let alone the things I don't! Re-running cable isn't on my list of enjoyable activities so I prefer to just buy the taps - they aren't that expensive at all, a couple bucks if I remember right. Of course I guess if you would make your own and maybe use a potentiometer you could in effect have a variable attenuator so you could tune the system to exactly what you wanted at each drop?

Well, better get back to work. Take Care,


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Cable clips....

Lowes and Home Depot have them.

Look in the section where they have EMT metal conduit and there is a very small slip, bits it only big enough for perhaps a ground wire.

Walk over to the section where they have coax, CAT5 cable, and networking jacks. There are two sizes. Both are stainless steel, but one is painted white.

Lowes only carries the larger size that will fit coax or extension cord, but Home Deport has a small size. Either size will work as the metal can easily be bent over for a tighter fit.

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