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I have a new house which I have about 30 runs of cat5 going to my termination point (my garage).

I'm looking for recomendations on a patch panel that I can mount to the wall that won't cost me a fortune.



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This is a 12 port PP that I just happen to have the p/n for. They also come in 24 port models. Screw them to the wall.

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Al Dykes

I would suggest looking on ebay. Lots of variety for a good price.

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Mike Hunt wrote in news:1115330601.134084.294080

I'm also looking for a good brand to "go by".

belkin sucks tripp lite is OK on to number three

I'm thinking black box or panduit...anybody have any experience with these brands? I'm trying to find something a little more "sturdy" than the cheap plastic ones offered by the above companies i've tried already.


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Try finding one of those keystone jack rack plates. Then mount it vertically.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

The Avaya and Systimax patch panels we've been using are about $150 for

24 ports, even more for 48. If you want to go cheap, just buy four 8-port faceplates and put wall jacks in them. But in out case, Systimax jacks are $5 apiece si ot adds up to about the same price. You could go with the patch panel for the first 24, then add a 6-port faceplate for about $30 more.
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Watson A.Name - "Watt Sun, th

Another way to go cheap might be

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which lists a

24-port Cat 5e patch panel for under fifty bucks. I have not yet purchased from them, but a colleague mentioned them to me. Apparently, he has been very pleased with their products.


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Try The company I work for,install these things by the hundreds, they work very well and can be purchased at most supply houses for reasonable prices. My personal preference is the Siemon High density 110 type, universal patch panels, buy a wall mount bracket to go with and proceed

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Steve Harvey

With 30 runs, you have many options that you could go with. One would be to use a wall mount, swing bracket from AllenTel, then any 48 port Cat5e patch panel would work. Panduit is my preference, but Leviton, Hubbell, Siemon, Ortronics all would be ok choices. There are many cheaper brands that you could find, especially at Cable-R-Us type places, but the quality I believe leaves much to be desired. And I'm sure those types are also just barely get past performance specs, so I wouldn't put too much trust in them. Anyway, look at the above manufactures websites, and you see many of your options. Several have panels that will mount directly to the wall without the swing out rack.

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