Overfilled conduit!

Hi Guys,

I have been called in to run 33 CAT6 cables through a customer supplied 2" PVC conduit. To top it off the run is a 2 story vertical drop. I know the conduit will be grossly overfilled according to the fill charts. But I guess my question is-- What is the ramification of an over filled conduit, and what problems am I looking at regarding the long vertical drop?

I know the solution. More chases or less cables. But the client is going to ask "why"?

The cables will carry a mix of voice and data. and maybe even a couple of POE AP's. My guess is at least a third of the cables will go unused.

What should I do?



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Get a disclaimer that any cable runs ruined by trying to overstuff the conduit isn't your fault, and they'll have to pay again for more copper after figuring out which ones survive the journey?

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Doug McIntyre

In article , TJ writes

Put another cabinet in at the 'remote' end.. Multicore between two patch panels for phones. Couple of CAT6 for data, and a remote switch.. Maybe fibre if they will run to it?

Oh, and see if you can break into the duct halfway to add some mechanical strain relief.

HTH, Philip Partridge

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Phil Partridge

TJ wrote in part:

What does the fire marshall/inspector think?

Horrible, and many. An overfilled conduit cannot be pulled or later reused. You have to cut it up and throw it away. One intractible problem is weight -- supporting the cable dropping 25' without overtension or tight bend radius.

It might barely be possible to do this pull in one go iff the conduit is straight (no elbows) from inlet box to outlet box. You will need nice cable hangers at the inlet end.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

I read this twice. 2 stories? TWENTY FEET? WTP? The same can be said about those 2 sticks of PVC, and elbow, and hangars. Don't argue over $60 worth of material, just insist that he add a 3" backup tube because it's not much more than the first tiny one he ran, and because you can't maintain the data integrity in a packed tube.

Carl Navarro

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Carl Navarro

what is needed with a couple spares (if it will fit) and show them the problem. If all else fails, do what the previous poster recommended, get a waiver. If nothing else you will be respected for your professionalism. Many people would take the money and not worry about cable failure. If this client has a problem, they will most likely call you because of your honesty and integrity.

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