New building - no electrical/dcom drawings?

One of the groups that I support is moving into a recently renovated building. I asked for some electrical/dcom plans to see how the conduit was run and was told that "they didn't use them, we put one drop in each room". Since I don't see 70 conduit runs terminating into the NOC/phone room I'm guessing that they "merge" along the way. There are *no* strings to pull.

Anyway, wouldn't you do some sort of diagram to show where the conduit was run and where the sections intersected? To me that would make things a heck of a lot easier for the folks that are having to pull the wire. Plus I need to give my wiring folks some sort of drawings so they can give me an estimate.

When I did ship design we documented *everything*. I feel like I'm working blind now.

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Welcome to the real world. Each stub into the ceiling probably ends there. It's standard. You build your cable runs via hangars in the ceiling space and run the distribution back to the main frame. Any cabling contractor can work from a standard marked up "e" print.

Since cable runs are at right angles, I either price out cable per drop, or take the standard ruler and draw a cable map overlay on the print Unless it's plenum, cable is cheap. Labor to pull multiple runs is the same as a single run, and you get a cost factor per hole.

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