How many workstations in a room?

A lot would be determined by how many users will be in there. You'd be better off looking into ergonomics, rather than cabling.

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James Knott
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Hi, I am looking for a norm specifying the space between computers in a single room. A room (let's say 16 square meters) is supposed to have the maximum number of workstations. Is there any RFC about this issue?

Thank you.

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Lukasz Ponski

TIA-569B recommends to use 10 sq. meters (100 sq. ft) per work area for planning purposes. However, in real life the actual size greatly depends on the type of business the customer is in (call centers being notoriously dense in terms of outlets), type of modular furniture they are using and even occupational safety regulations that are in effect in your area.

It your case I would install three duplex (as minimum) outlets, arguing that it will most likely become a two-work area room, but one of the locations may be blocked by the furniture, or additional connections may be required, so three would be more flexible.

Good luck!

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b>locations may be blocked by the furniture, or additional connections may

In the US, I'd get a copy of the SteelCase catalog (a manufacturer of office furniture and office cubicle systems). I'm sure they make computer call center desks that get as many people in a room as humanly (if not humanely) possible.

Look at the desks in a library reading room. That's about the highest density I can think of. Add power and data wriing accordingly. (Flat screens are obviously called for if you're packing people in. They also eliminate EMF issues.)

If you _do_ put that much equipment and people in a closed room you'll have to add up the BTU numbers and have a chat with your air conditioning guy.

I don't want to work in the kind of office this discussion is suggesting.

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Al Dykes


have a look into EN 50173 and EN 50174 CENELEC norms on Generic Cabling.


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Thomas Beneken

They also say 10 m2 per WA

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