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I'm trying to terminate a 62.5/125 um fiber using the 3M Crimplok Termination Kit and SC multimode connectors (6900). I'm doing this for the first time and for some reason are unable to push the fiber through the connector. It simple won't get through, not even with brute force (I know you shouldn't do this). It seems to me that the hole is not big enough for the fiber. Could anyone please help me with this? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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could be a couple things. I believe the Crimplok is not a 'puck-n-polish' so it's not supposed to go all the way through. If you are stripping the fiber to the appropriate length, when it stops, that's it. It shouldn't take any force at all. Which leads to the other possibility, you're not stripping off enough of the cladding, and it is obstructing the entry.

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What kind of buffer the fiber is in?

If it's a 900 mkm buffer, then it has a 250 mkm layer of acrylic, which is pretty dense and visually not distinguishable from 125 mkm glass. It may be the case that you are not stripping all the plastic off, but leaving the 250 mkm layer on, which is why the fiber won't go in. Make sure you remove all the plastic. If you do, the fiber's glass diameter (125 mkm) becomes visually very similar to that of a human's hair. If you leave the

250 mkm layer on, you'll easily see that it's too big when compared to the hair.
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Thank you very much for your advice, Dmitri! That is exactly what happened, I haven't pressed the jacket remover tool down hard enough to remove the acrylic layer. Brilliant, now I'm a step closer :o)


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I've done bazillions of terminations with the 3M kit.. (OK, maybe not bazillions, but several thousand) The most common problem I saw when I was still doing this stuff was not stripping the clear buffer off the glass itself. It can look like you've got clean glass, but the buffer is still there. Make sure you get it off before cleaning the fiber and inserting it.

What are you using to strip the fiber? The "stapler" stripper that come with the 3M kit? No-Nicks? I never could use either of those so I use my $5 Klein strippers at a slight angle. It's a touch thing and I've only been able to teach a handful of people to do it "my" way without breaking or scoring the glass. Use what works for you and make sure whatever stripper you're using is adjusted properly so you get that buffer off.

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The OTHER Kevin in San Diego

Unless they've changed, the Crimplok is a poke-through, scribe, cleave and polish system. (I haven't used mine in a while as I did nothing but pre-terminated pigtails and fusion splicing for a couple years)

My bet is pretty much what you're saying. The glass isn't really stripped clean. The Crimplok system doesn't take much force to insert the glass..

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