Crimping satin wire ?

Is crimping RJ11 plugs on satin wire a DIY job.

I don't see satin wire on Radio Shack's web site. Is 100 ft spools of it, and plugs an item at a real phone/alarm/data supply store?

I need to put phones around an office for a short term project. They will get kicked around a bunch and there is no way I'll crimp solid wire for this application.

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Al Dykes
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Sure.. you need a crimp tool, wire, and connectors.

Yes, and probably cheaper..

278-367 100' 26awg $14.49 278-365 50' 26awg $2.97 photo looks like flat satin, but? 279-0384 6p4c mod plugs (10pc) $3.99 279-388 crimp tool $10.49 cheap plastic. works ok, but.. 55008237 crimp tool $60.00 pro grade - looks like rebranded ideal telemaster (my personal pref) does 6p and 8p connectors.
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Bob Vaughan

Home Depot and Lowes and everything you need (although Lowes seems to be behind on most networking products). Go with the $50-$60 crimp tool - don't skimp on that. The $60 ratchet model is pretty good - when the ratchet trips, you don't have to wonder if you squeezed it hard enough.

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Al Dykes wrote in part:

I'd say so! AFAIK, RJs were designed for satin. In some cases, you just strip the satin off, and the conductors are all nicely spaced, dressed and siamesed parallel. Just ready for the crimpers. Or machine.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

I'd like to add that your office phones may require crossed over connections to work properly. To cross over your cables simply install the connector with the black wire to the left on one end and to the right on the other.


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I've been happily crimping away since a day or two after I posted the original message.

I asked, here, because I had some idea that satin wire was stranded and I hate to crimp any stranded wire and hate doing a crappy job. I now know it's solid wire and a piece of pie to strip and crimp.

Thanks for the heads up about x-overs, I've not seen it yet.

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