Crimper stuck closed ??? (Embarassing :( )

On my first RG-6 crimp using heavy duty gs-91 hexagonal crimper the crimper seems suck in the closed position ? I have tried using pliers to pull it apart with no luck... Am I SOL ?

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Todd Richert
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Many crimpers don't release, until you get them closed all the way. You don't want to pinch your fingers in those. ;-)

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James Knott

Look at the rachet inbetween the handle grips. There should be a releas lug sticking out. You need to pull that back (best to use some pliers) and the crimper should spring open.

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Andy Kelly

I don't have a GS-91 handy, but it looks like it does not have that ratchet release lever normally found on more expensive models ($40 and up). On the other hand it looks sturdy enough to withstand your attempts to go all the way to close the handles with a hummer or something of same nature. Granted, the RG-6 connector is going to be crushed beyond being usable (it could also be quite OK as I had on occasions), but you could at least get your tool back. One other way to handle this would be to see if you can remove one of the pins that hold the moving parts together. Without actually having the tool in hands, it is rather difficult to judge if it's even possible with this particular tool.

If you are totally stuck, I bet your next tool will have that ratchet release lever... :-)

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