CAT5E and Romex (Electrical)

Just have a question,

My understanding is that you want to keep low voltage wiring about a foot or so away from electrical when running it parallel. When crossing go at a 90 degree angel. Is that a true statement as far as CAT5 is concerned? We are using quad sheilded coax.

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Matt Michaels
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Matt Michaels wrote in part:

There are two questions here: 1) Is it technically good? and

2) Is it allowed?

1) It is good practice technically, but hardly necessary unless the AC lines have noisy loads. 60 Hz is just too low a frequency to interfere with data/video signals.

2) Only your electrical inspector knows for sure! Nearly all are happy with 1 ft, many will grouse if they go through the same [wood] hole. More if it's metal. All will scream bloody murder if they're in the same conduit.

-- Robert

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Robert Redelmeier

The National Electrical Code generally requires at least 2" of separation between communication cable and power cables. See 2005 NEC 800.133(A)(2).

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