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Read back for my cable end crimp saga.

Anyway I figure I check out testers. Someone says use an Ideal Linkmaster XL Pro. Check with Ideal; nope won't tell what end is bad. Scratch that. Get an email for one called a LanCaster. Looks like an English product. Anyone seen one in USA? Am I asking for something that just isn't worth it?

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Anyone seen one

The real answer is that in the Real World(tm) this problem never comes up. long runs are terminated on 110 punchdowns at both ends and punchdowns are easy to test and re-punch.

From the wallplate to the PC we use patch cords and there is very little cost/time justification for making patch cables. If I suspect a patch cable is bad I cut the end of and junk it.


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Al Dykes

Any tester that can tell you at which end the fault is, will be expensive. Given the cost of cable, connectors and your time, the choice is up to you. Perhaps a magnifying glass would be a better investment.

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James Knott

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I use a Fluke Intellitone 200 Toner & Probe...and it's the bomb

cable maps, and superior toning due to the digital tone. it can also be used on live networks without a problem.


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