Best place to find technicians on the net?


I wasn't sure if anyone here would have an answer for this but i thought I would give it a shot. I currently work as a recruiter for a company that needs technicians nationwide for things like cabling, voip installs, residential commercial etc. etc.

Does anyone know of any good websites/message boards/bulletin boards on the internet to find technicians that may be searching for work? I've used Craig's List, Monster, and a few other name brand sites, but I was looking for something I may not be aware of.

Sorry this isn't a direct cabling question but I thought that those in this forum may have some advice. Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

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BISCI Job board:

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is probably the most relevant, especially on the cabling side due to BICSI's original roots. Even then they should accept anything related to telecoms in general.

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Dmitri( is great..

However, if you have anything in Tampa Bay area, feel free to email me!

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