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Most of our accounts are within 75 miles. We currently have inspections handled by our service technicians (they're considered low-priority service calls). I know some companies have the inspections done by different technicians (who may not be able to do much in the way of handling any problems if the arise) and don't get the opportunity to get much cross-training unless promoted. I think a case can be made for doing things either way... what are you doing and what do you wish you'd done differently?


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Yearly inspections was one way I'd use to up-train installers to more = techie stuff. Installers are certainly capable of changing a battery, = checking all contacts for proper operation, cleaning & testing a = pir/gb/smoke...and checking signals.

If he got bogged down I'd support him from the office.

(talking about residential)


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Crash Gordon

We recently switched from having dedicated fire alarm inspectors to having regular service techs handle them as part of their workload. As you said, a case can be made either way. Dedicated inspectors will improve day-to-day efficiency at the expense of flexibility. According to "management", cross training makes people more "valuable," - whatever that means. Some people may prefer job variety while some may want the regularity of knowing what they're doing each day. I don't know if way is any better than the other. The same case can be made for alarm runners, installtion only techs, etc.

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