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Does anyone have a structured cabling system installation checklist to share?
I'm looking for a couple of different kinds of lists, initial survey forms, project planning needs, project start-up checklists, quality assurance, installation tracking forms and almost any other...
3 years ago
Does anyone know of links/resources for using the Fluke CableIQ tester, besides
Besides it's manual, would anyone know where to find straightforward instructions in how to use it's various features? Looking all over and not finding much. Thanks, Mac I haven't seen, or looked for...
6 years ago 1
Keystone Jack / Serial Phone Coupler
How would the pros punch down two phone lines at one keystone jack? The ph= one lines in my home are run in series / serial. Phone line comes into the= wallbox (some newwork; some oldwork), then goes...
9 years ago 2
EIA/TIA 606-A panel to panel labeling
In my main telcom room, I have a cabinet with a patch panel that was pre-wired to a patch panel in my main data rack. I'm unclear about the proper EIA/TIA 606-A labeling standards as applied to this...
12 years ago
fiberoptic testing methode
Hello all, Can anybody help find some documents to help me with testing fiberoptic links in single mode and multimode envioments for structured cabling in offices? Hope to see your reply. Kind...
13 years ago
Fiber looping
Hi friends, I was asked if there is a chance to Fiber loop between three blocks: Example: A------>B-------->C A , B and C are connnected to each other by fiber uplinks. The devices that are involved...
16 years ago 1
MDF cross connection block test clips
If you're talking a 110 style cross connect block, the most you're going to get is 25 pair. If so, Siemon used to have a 25pair 110 to go with their 66, but it's gone. I had to get some from a...
16 years ago 6
Does patch-panels affect network speed?
Hello, I am in the process of designing a mid-size network (~300 connections) and I play with the idea of having 2 levels of patch-panels. My physical design is based on the idea of not having to...
13 years ago 27
Brady excel/word template for JET-33 and JET-30
Dear folk I am looking for Brady label template in excel/word format for JET-33 and JET-30-117-1 or JET-30-117-2 similar to Panduit template attached. I tried to customized but it took a lot of time...
3 years ago
Complete information of Cat5e Plenum?
If anyone goes to market for purchasing Cat5e Plenum cable it should know at least some basic information about the features of this Cable. Like: 4-pair unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable, 24 AWG...
9 years ago
Nordx/CDT Troubleshooting-HELP NEEDED!
I work for a small private college located in Toronto, Canada. I teach Networking there and so got delegated to put in the network at our new campus. The location of the new campus was previously...
12 years ago 3
RJ45 Cat5e cables - male one one end, female (keystone) on other
I'm going to be doing a Cat5e wiring project in my home. I plan on having wall plates in various places, including the home office. These will all have keystone jacks. The other ends of the cables...
16 years ago 9
Cable labeler?
I did the google thing, but not a good deal of info returned. What are the pros' using for a cable labeler? Thanks Try Brady ID Pal That depends on the job & pro. I've seen them use "Sharpie" pens,...
17 years ago 3
Crimper stuck closed ??? (Embarassing :( )
On my first RG-6 crimp using heavy duty gs-91 hexagonal crimper the crimper seems suck in the closed position ? I have tried using pliers to pull it apart with no luck... Am I SOL ? Many crimpers...
17 years ago 3
Can I use a CAT5 cable as a TV Coax cable?
I have a room that only has a CAT5 ran to it but I want to use that for the television (coax input)without running another cable Is there an inexpensive way to turn the CAT5 cable into a coax cable?...
15 years ago 5
Corrosion in RJ11 / RJ45 Connectors
Has anyone encountered corrosion in RJ11 / RJ45 jack / plugs? I think this effect might be mostly limted to areas closer to the sea, high humidity areas, in higher temperature areas and where there...
17 years ago 6
Plywood - Aesthetics and Function
If you've read my post about moving copper service, you know I'm going to have copper phone lines and T1 PRI service added to my server room. I could slap any old piece of plywood on the wall behind...
15 years ago 4