Which Router to use with COMCAST???

Hello all, I am from Illinois. I am a beginner when it comes to setting up wireless. I did research and found that the DLink DI-524 is top notch, set it up following the instructions verbatum, and it doesn't work. Enabled DHCP, tried to clone MAC address, etc....

I've read literature around the net that not all routers work with Comcast now that they are offering this home network stuff. Which router should I buy and is known to work ---- GUARANTEED??

T.I.A !

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I can't see how a router would not work with Comcast, broadband is broadband. It would see your router as your pc, and nothing behind it.

I use the D-Link 704 with Comcast, without issue.

Once you got it set up to the proper config, did you shut down and restart the system? I know, sounds simple, but I have been there before :).

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Don Burnette

Any router will work. Don't believe everything you see "around the net".

Unplug the power from your modem. Count to 20. Plug it back in. Wait for it to sync-up. Then power-up the router. Wait for the router to come back up. Then power-up your computers.

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I have a Linksys (not from Comcast) wired router and it works just fine. Basically, all you should need to do is unplug your modem and LEAVE IT OFF for a short while, set your computers for DHCP, then plug it all in in the following order:

-- Modem (wait for sync)

-- Router

-- Computer

That should allow the modem to send the MAC address of your router as your NIC, not your computer's MAC. Have you tried just taking the really simplistic approach?

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Kimberly Murphy-Smith

The power company continues to show that if you turn everything off for a while, then bring it all up at once it will connect. I would start with the router at the default factory configuration. Once you get it going, then set up your DMZ and other options. At least, that way, you will know what "broke it" if it stops.

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You also have to setup Windows for a broadband connection. Start, Settings, Control Panel, Network Connections, New Connection Wizard, and follow the prompts for "Connect to the Internet"

Also in the Control Panel, Internet Options, Connections Tab, Check "Never dial a connection", click the "LAN Settings..." button and uncheck everything, "Apply", and "OK" your way out.

The WinXP SP2 also has a Wireless Network Setup Wizard in the Control Panel.

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