Which is best install to use

Have the WRT54G version 4.......what install do I use...the enclosed
CD......the quick install down load from Linksys...or the set up a home
network provided my MS XP Pro......am confused......
Happy New Year to all.....
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"Mindy" hath wroth:
I'm probably not the best person to answer this question as I've never used or needed either the cdrom or downloaded install for the WRT54G.
If you start with a WRT54G reset to defaults, then all you need to do is: 1. Connect all the wires, cables, connectors, and spagetti. Don't try to do wireless just yet. Do it all with a directly connected wired PC or laptop. 2. Point your browser to: The login is admin and the password is blank. 3. Start with the first page labeled: Setup -> Basic Setup Fill in the blanks. If you don't understand what it wants, leave the setting alone. Since you didn't supply details on your broadband connection, I can't suggest what to fill in. Cable modems are mostly DHCP assigned. Cheap DSL is usually PPPoE. Your ISP should have some details. Save at the bottom of the page. 4. Once the Basic Setup is correctly working, you should be able to browse the internet. Try it.
5. Once you have internet working, it's time to do the wireless settings. Those are on: Wireless -> Basic Wireless Setting Wireless -> Wireless Security Do the wireless setup using a wired client, not via wireless. Settings here will depend on what you have for a wireless client. I suggest WPA-PSK (WPA PERSONAL) encryption if available on the client computah.
There are plenty of other things that might be useful to change in the router. However, that's the basics and neither the cdrom or the download cover anything more than the basics.
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Jeff Liebermann
Use the CD that came with your wireless router. The reason many people install a router is to have multiple PCs connected to the internet without having to use one of the computers (Server) as a gateway to access the internet (Windows Internet Connection Sharing). With the router, each connected computer has independent access to the internet because the router is the gateway. Keep in mind that this is just a simple answer to your question.
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Doug Jamal
Have HP desktop and notebook both XP , desktop Pro and notebook Home....hooking to Earthlink DSL modem.....
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