My experience with comcast today...


Here's what my problem is, and what Comcast did today...

My modem will all of the sudden either totally drop off line, (no pings to Def GW) or begin suffering from packet loss ~22%, enough to really notice it. My ScientificAtlanta cable box indicates -12dbmV at 603Mhz, that's as best a test as I can do myself, for the downstream freq.

Comcast sent a guy out who measured signal at 54Mhz (channel 2 - 4) and said I had good stregnth at +10dbmV at the demarc in my basement. He said he'd have to have the pole-climbers come out to check things outside. He also didn't have a spare modem for me either.

He did nothing to examine my downstream signal, or the strength / quality of my upstream signal as it terminates against the CMTS. Once again, Comast doesn't seem to know that they own, operate & support a data network. Measuring how much signal I see in my house on cable-channel 2 isn't going to tell very much about how the cablemodem is operating on the HFC network.

Anything I can tell comcast to make sure I'm talking to the right people to troubleshoot my issue described above? Have any people already experienced this issue & solved it? Let me know!


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I worked in cable modem telephone tech support for three years, pre AT&T and Comcast. If it does not look like the techs are fixing the problem, call Comcast and try to talk to supervisors or managers. Try to speak to managers in the USA, not mangers in other countries (like India ?) Try to get the Managers name and direct phone number, get the manager to tell you when he/she can have qualified people to look into your problem (short date), keep bugging management. Managers may give your problem priority, so as you will stop bothering them. Try to speak to them in a constructive and respectful way. Document who you talk to, when you talked to them and what they promise. They may assign a case or "trouble ticket" number to your problem, keep track of that too. Sometimes multiple case numbers can be created for the same problem.

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Talking to the call center manager rarely will do you any more good than talking to an agent in the call center. Their escalation path almost always goes from the call center to the same point in other departments whether it's an agent or a manager who's name is on the ticket.

The problem comes when the ticket leaves the call center without the right documentation. It will be screened-out, and sent back to the call center to gather more information before it can be escalated anywhere. And if the call center has incoming calls waiting, they're not likely to make an outbound call hoping that you're there when they call. They'll wait for you to call back.

The best way to make sure your problem gets taken care of is to make sure the person you speak to in the call center is documenting enough information about the problem. Talking to the call center manager isn't going to help in that regard. He or she is not likely to be a technical person who'll know what's needed. They'll jot a couple of notes in the ticket that probably won't help the technicians at all, and again the ticket will get sent back for more information.

The OP's problem was well enough documented by someone in the call center to result in a tech in the field being dispatched out. Dealing with that tech in the field or his manager will get you further than going back in the chain to the call center, and starting over again. And even if everything is put on the same ticket number, you're still starting over if you go back to the call center.

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And remember to be polite. ASK for help to resolve this problem, don't demand things. I have had much better luck with; "Can you help me correct this problem?" than with; " I demand this be fixed RIGHT NOW."

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