Upstream level too low on all devices...

Comcast confirms that my modem is broadcasting too low at ~23dBmV, and my SA-8000 is only broadcasting at 19dBmV. I know comcast has special upstream amps in use at certain places on the network to push the signal back to the CMTS.

I've got a SRO (Special Repair Order) ticket in with Comcast, who says they will fix this issue in 7-14 days. I'm thinking that if there's interference on the line, the modem would end up screaming at 55dBmV instead of whispering at 19dBmV. However, if one of these upstream amps had gone haywire & over-amplifying the return-signal, I guess it would posess all the equipment on that line to broadcast at too low a level, correct?

A while ago when I had an SB4100, the info webpage on it always indicated I was broadcasting at ~54dBmV which was a bit too high, but at least the modem worked back then. I'm seeing intermittent problems where the modem will just stop passing packets until I power-cycle it. THoughts?


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Alex Batson
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