Why does my router interfere with TV channel 6?

When I download a large file to my laptop, via Wi-Fi channel 11 from
my Buffalo router, I get noise on analog TV channel 6. This doesn't
happen when I download to my desktop computer, which is connected to
the router via ethernet. So it appears to be the Wi-Fi channel 11
transmissions from the router that produce the noise. But only on
TV channel 6.
Well, I just thought Jeff or some other guru might know.
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As of next February it won't matter any more. At least not for analog interference. Can't say whether the interference with be a problem with HD channels or not. Eventually many of the current HD channels using UHF may move 'back' to VHF after the transition.
Meanwhile, it sounds like the Buffalo unit isn't shielded properly. Could be any number of things being defective. Could be the power supply, the router itself, the TV or the way it's connected to your antenna/cable. Simplest answer might be to switch the Buffalo WiFi setup to a different WiFi channel. See if that helps, if so you're done. If not then it's likely something defective. If it's new and you can return it easily then consider that option.
-Bill Kearney
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Bill Kearney
Actually, I was completely wrong. I tested it again, and the noise occurs even when the laptop is powered down, and the download is going to the desktop computer via ethernet. I still need to try it with the router completely out of the picture.
My modem says the down frequency from Cox Cable is 663 MHz, and the up frequency is 29 MHz. Channel 6 is 82-88 Mhz. Not sure where the problem would be.
Well I'm on Cox Cable, and they say he whole analog lineup is gonna stay where it is after the transition. So channel 6, on the cable at least, will still be at 82-88 MHz, as well as at other frequencies in hi-def for those with cable boxes.
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So disconnect the router from cable and talk ethernet from desktop to wireless on laptop. Now what interference? Then repeat the same experiment - communicate locally with the router connected to cable.
Looking for a device that has an IF or harmonic of 88 Mhz.
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snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote in news:2b22f45f-5970-4992-9417-9123bdd32a9d@ 3g2000yqs.googlegroups.com:
"My modem says the down frequency from Cox Cable is 663 MHz, and the up frequency is 29 MHz. Channel 6 is 82-88 Mhz."
Upstream modem @ 29Mhz has a 3rd harmonic of 87mhz.
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