Joining two wireless networks

Hope someone can help a newbie out.

My neighbour has just installed a wireless 802.11g/b network. I have a Dlink MR814v2 wireless router in my house, that is routing two PCs. Assuming the range is sufficient, how can I connect my router to the internet via my neighbours wireless network? Do I need a bridge into my MR814v2 router? Will both PC's still work then?


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First question would be, "Does your neighbor know, and approve"? I will ignore the issue of sharing Internet service between customer premises; though most ISPs explicitly prohibit the practice.

Assuming that you have your neighbor's approval, you will need to know the security settings he has set up in order to affiliate with his network. You will also need to identify his gateway IP address, because that will also be your gateway. Also, it will be simplest to join his LAN on his network IP address; maintaining separate subnets can be done, though. I don't have the expertise to describe how; maybe somebody else can.

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